Global Education & Training Institute

Pre-Service Training of Teachers


Aspire to become an outstanding teacher

6 month course (GETI NTT)

Course Includes:
  • Background to education and its development
  • Background to child psychology, well-being & happiness
  • Elements of a New Pedagogy of the 21st Century
  • Practical Applicants of a New Pedagogy
  • Advanced and Accelerated Methods of Teaching + Learning
  • Academic Excellence & a Balanced Education

Option of shorter courses

Course Includes:
  • Child dynamics & management
  • Teacher Qualities
  • Research Methods & Action Research
  • Creating a Portfolio & Resume
  • A Primer in Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, Shanti Niketan (Tagore) Krishnamurthy, Multiple Intelligence
  • Building As a Learning Aid




GETI professional development process is driven by the end results we seek — student well-being and on-going improvement in achievement of all students.

Head Office
10 Station Road, Lucknow, India 226001

Regional Office
IIM Lucknow, L-Incubator, Noida Campus

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