Global Education & Training Institute

In Service Teachers Training


Short Courses & Deeper Engagement

Training that 'Sticks'
Programs for measurable improvement in classroom practice, not just training

Teaching and Intervention Strategies, Creative classroom, Mindset and Positive Languages, Flipped Classroom, Spoken English, Boosting Reading Levels, Montessori Methods, Reggio Emilia, Assessments for Progress (Ipsative), Positive Discipline, and more.

1 to 30 days duration split up as per school's needs

Short Course Categories

The Nurturing School: Teacher as Guide
Strategies for Class Success: Teacher as Researcher
Lifelong Learners: Teacher as Exemplar
Dream Classroom: Teacher as Manager
Assessments & Reports: Teacher as Motivator
Teaching Skills: Teacher as Facilitator
Action Research: Teacher as Scientist
School as Lighthouse: Principals and Teachers as Torchbearers

Long Term Commitment to Change

Empowerment that 'Lasts'
Training and implementation support to transform processes and practices

We conduct regular teacher training and 360o school audits to elevate the school's performance to 'international school' quality. This has a major positive impacdt on the image of any school.

1 to 5 years for audits, training and supervision support throughout each year to transform agreed upon processes and practices

Professional development of management and teachers
  • Observations and management discussions with follow-up actions for the teachers
  • Support for school management as 3rd party evaluators of teaching practice and student success
  • Measurement of improvements in student performance, surveys of well being and happiness with follow-on actions
  • Action Research, Teacher Portiolios and more
  • Delivery of agreed upon objectives, continuous support


Audits with Action

Change that is 'Measurable'
Insight into new directions and actions: academic results, processes, teaching, training and assessments

Not only audits but also insights into new directions and proposed actions to bring about desirable and noticeable change.

5 to 8 days and revisits if required

Audit Processes & Practices

We provide an independent third party performance appraisal with the view to bring about necessary and desirable change. Audits cover teaching methodologies, student work, teacher lesson planning, use of study materials, processes of teaching and learning, use of diary, student and parent expectations and, teacher communications and languages of empowerment, overall school academic ethos and its implementation. Audits will suggest follow-up actions for short and medium term implementation.GETI can also provide support for implementa

School & Academic Management / Turn Key

Transforming all facets of academics in the school and option of complete management of academics, operations and turn-key support to start a new school

Complete academic management including staff up gradation

Hiring Support

Assistance in hiring teachers, Principal and other personnel

Admission Support
  • Assistance in admission process for greater student enrollment
  • Help in designing student orienta􀆟on programmes
Academic support

Assistance in:

  • Education and teaching methodology
  • Curriculum design & course material
  • Student assessment
  • Performance review and curriculum support
Marketing Support
  • School branding
  • Marketing materials
  • Advertising campaigns
Operational Support
  • Advisory on infrastructure - architecture, furniture
  • Management & Technology Support
  • Other Opera􀆟onal Support
Training support
  • Management training
  • Teacher training
Parental Support

Parent Orientation and Workshops




GETI professional development process is driven by the end results we seek — student well-being and on-going improvement in achievement of all students.

Head Office
10 Station Road, Lucknow, India 226001

Regional Office
IIM Lucknow, L-Incubator, Noida Campus

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